trib·ute /'tribyo͞ot/

trib·ute /'tribyo͞ot/

trib·ute /'tribyo͞ot/trib·ute /'tribyo͞ot/trib·ute /'tribyo͞ot/

noun 1. an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

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Executive Gifting for Business Owners and Professionals

Executive Gifting for Business Owners and Professionals

Executive Gifting for Business Owners and Professionals

The consultation... that's what makes the difference.  

We coach you to convey the right message, with the right products... setting you apart from your competition, thus increasing your referral stream and client/employee retention.


Executive Gifting for Senior Living Communities

Executive Gifting for Business Owners and Professionals

Executive Gifting for Business Owners and Professionals

Higher occupancy rates, lower avoidable turnover, and longer waiting lists.  If these sound good to you, you're in the right place! For new or existing residents, tour takers, decision-making children... we can help you pay tribute in a way that will go directly to your bottom line.  Schedule your free consultation today and let's create something amazing together.


Giftables for Everyone

Executive Gifting for Business Owners and Professionals

Giftables for Everyone

HOLIDAY Giftables...

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, ... we've got you covered with custom orders, gift-wrapped and delivered/shipped to your door.  

OTHER Giftables...

Get Well, Congratulations, Thank You, Sympathy ... whatever your message, we can help you get it across beautifully.  

If it requires a box, a basket, or a bow... think Tributes By Tracy!

Mark your calendar... our winter holiday season kicks off 11/07/2019!

About Us

We learned all we need to know in kindergarten.

We should say please and thank you!  

It seems so simple, doesn't it?  Yet so many business owners and professionals do not have a strategic Executive Gifting Program... instead they randomly send 'this' one time and 'that' another (if at all).  Let us help you create a strategy that drives your business in the way you want it to go.

We get your message across.

Executive Gifting should be an extension of your brand.  

From the chosen vessel itself, to the products placed inside, to the color/fabric of the bow, to the message on the gift tag... everything should be conveying one clear message.  

Are your referral sources, clients and employees hearing what you want them to hear?

All it takes is a phone call.

If you're rethinking that rumpled bag of bagels you last sent, schedule your free consultation today.

Sample Pricing (estimates only)

We work with any budget... let's have some fun creating something amazing for you!



Dr. McDowell - McDowell Chiropractic, Roswell GA

Tributes by Tracy is a LIFESAVER!  My most common ask of them is “I forgot (insert important occasion here), HELP!  It is for (insert loved one here), and my budget is (number).”  More often than not, before close of business Tracy has replied back with, “Not to worry.  Everything is going to be OK.  I’ve got just the thing to make (loved one) feel loved, appreciated, and special.  I’ll ship it out or bring it to your office, which do you prefer?  Here is the invoice for your attention.”  Tracy has pulled me out of the frying pan more times than I can count.  If you don’t outsource your holiday gifting to Tributes by Tracy, frankly you are not making the best of your time and energy.  Contact them, chat about what you want, and believe me you WILL be THRILLED!

Radhika Vydianathan, Founder - Kalaa Chakra Interiors, Atlanta GA

As an interior designer I am always looking for creative ways to gift my clients and thank them for trusting me in transforming their homes. Tributes By Tracy's Executive Gifting Service provided me the flexibility to include personalized gifts for my clients alongside their products, helping me ensure they were perfectly suited to each of my clients needs and personalities. Tributes By Tracy went the extra mile with their beautiful packaging and suggested great ways to brand my business during our consultation.  My clients loved them and I look forward to collaborating with Tracy in my future endeavors. I highly recommend Tributes by Tracy - these are not your typical gift baskets!

G.E. Potts, Owner - Myriad Motorsports Auto Brokers, Alpharetta GA

When I purchase a vehicle at the dealer auction for a client, I like to do something nice for the referral source. Enter Tributes By Tracy! What I like about her executive gifting service is that she makes the right choices to match my clients. My clients expect the best from me, so having Tracy provide the thank you is a blessing. I do not have to count on her to make the right choice, she just does it...!!! 

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